Committee Members:

Principal, Tim Donovan

Athletic Director, Henry Hunt

Becky Steinbach Vaughan '71

Bev Turner Carey '71

Debbi Werner McMurdo '73

Doreen Stratton '60

Jeff Stempel '72

Jim Plummer '67

Joe Giedgowd '73

Joni Romesburg '87

Polly Case Glowatz '70

Rod Stone, Past Principal & AD

Message From the Committee:

We would like to thank all committee members past and present who had the vision which became a reality. Through their dedication and determination, the groundwork has been laid for the continued success of the Central Bucks / Central Bucks High School West Hall of Fame. We would also like to thank CB West Principal, Mr. Tim Donovan, and Athletic Director, Henry Hunt, for their support.

The Committee would like to thank the Hall of Fame General Members and sponsors for their generous donations to our scholarship fund. Because of their commitment, the Hall of Fame Committee will continue awarding two scholarships each year to deserving senior athletes.

Your support enables us to recognize and honor some of the many talented athletes of CB/CB West. Please continue to support the Hall of Fame and the rich tradition of our athletes.

In lieu of a ballot this year, we, as a committee have voted to induct the 1997, 1998 and 1999 State Champion Football Teams this October. Every State Champion Individual and Team is entitled to be part of the CB/CBW Hall of Fame and it seems like the right time to induct these teams after the passing of their legendary coach, Mike Pettine. Many of the players participated in more than one of the years, so inducting the teams together honors the three consecutive state championships.

We understand many of our members take the ballot voting very seriously and join the Hall of Fame for that reason. If you have already sent in your membership fee for this year, please know we will keep you on our list as a member for 2018 and send you a ballot next year, honoring your membership for two years.

The ceremonies will take place October 27th and 28th.

The scholarships ($1,000 each) were awarded to Kai Masters and Alyson Logue.

Mission Statement:

To recognize and acknowledge those individuals who have excelled on the field of competition and represented Central Bucks High School and Central Bucks High School West with the highest standards of fair play and good sportsmanship. With donations received from members of the Hall of Fame, the Committee is also able to award two scholarships to deserving seniors to help further their education.