Each year a class of inductees is selected to add to the already outstanding group of CB/CB West athletes entered into the Athletic Hall of Fame. As questions are frequently asked, we have outlined how these athletes are selected.

  • The Hall of Fame committee has an ongoing list of potential inductees from 1950 to present day. This list has been formulated after hours of research by the initial committee members through yearbooks, newspaper articles and recommendations. The list is continuously updated when new athletes are nominated by coaches, voting members, or general public.
  • Attempts are made to contact everyone who is on the list to acquire accurate information regarding their athletic careers. A questionnaire form is available through this web site for the athlete to complete. Any information obtained is kept by the committee and updated on a regular basis.
  • Each February the list of potential inductees is reviewed by the committee. A preliminary ballot is then put together with considerations as to the amount of information we have received from the athlete, if they have received votes from previous ballots and a balance of the years of graduation and gender. Athletes must have graduated at least 10 years prior to their appearance on the ballot.
  • In early spring of each year, voting members are asked to pay a $25.00 annual fee to take part in that calendar year’s selection. Forms for membership can also be obtained through the web site. We ask that the dues be returned by mid-April to participate in that year’s vote.
    Ballots are then mailed to the paid members to vote for their selections. Votes are tallied in early June and inductees are notified.
  • Once the inductees have accepted their nomination into the Hall, announcements are made as to who has been selected. Inductees are asked to submit biographies for the program and the actual induction is held in the fall.